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Choose the My Personal > Documents menu and you will be directed to a page that lists the business documents you are authorized to view based on your approved subscriptions.

The toolbar above the the document list can be used to filter the document list in various ways.

Toggle: You may limit which columns display by choosing the Toggle tool and turning individual columns on or off.

Group by: You may group your documents together by a field value to make it easier to work with them.

Filter: You may filter the list of documents based on criteria provided in the pop-up filter window. You may clear the filters by opening the filter pop-up then pressing the 'clear filters' icon.

Advanced search: This utility will allow you to perform advanced queries against the list of documents. Advanced search provides more advanced filtering capabilities than the standard pop-up filters.

Search all: The input boxes on the right side of the toolbar allow you to enter keyword searches across all fields of the document.

Sort: You may sort your document list by clicking on the column headings.