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This Has To Be Simpler

For decades, we provided custom development services to organizations, large and small, across the globe.  We became known as some clever people who found ways to leverage common tools to address real world problems at a fraction of the cost of bespoke development.

We provide insanely simple solutions based on the idea that if we provide the connection between these packages and your data, that the solution becomes simple.   Our solutions provide practical, easy to use and affordable connections between some of the most popular open source software suites and your data.

Designed To Not Fail

Anyone can build software that can be made to work.  But it takes talent and hard work to build systems that can't be made to fail.   You've got better things to do than to babysit your systems so we build strong integrations that auto-manage and self heal for most common failure modes.

Our People

Bruce Decker is our chief solution architect.  He's been in the business for decades with a stellar reputation for delivering quality solutions that just work.  He collaborates best-in-class software architects and UI designers to deliver top-shelf results and affordable prices.

Our Tech

We seek out the most popular open source and commercial tech and maximize its use within our products and solutions.