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Smyth chose Cloudstreet Portal to completely automate their billing systems.  Now, customers, sales reps and office workers have fast access to all transaction data, 24x7.


"So, powerful and so simple to implement.  CloudStreet Portal has fundamentally changed the way we interact with our key customers"

-- Chuck Smith, Smyth Automotive

Smyth's customer order in stores, on-line and via electronic transactions.  Moreover, some of its large customers do business with Smyth under several customer ids.  With Cloudstreet's unique self-administered access control, portal users can have one login to access documents across multiple account numbers with one view.

"We thought that if we could provide invoices and statements to our customers, that it would be a win.  But, the portal is so easy to use and so easy to extend, that we easily integrated these document together and even added features such as internal notes, email integration, notifications, product details such as spec sheets and SDS as well as order tracking and delivery information.   It's far more than a portal for storing images of paper documents, these documents are so useful in so many ways, our customers now prefer to use the portal over calling.  That saves us money and allows us to raise the bar of customer service even higher." 

-- Chuck Smith, Smyth Automotive

The Solution.

Smyth Automotive's CloudStreet Portal, was implemented in just a few short weeks from contract signature.  The integration with their Automotive ERP systems was simple.  The programming staff was able to use programs they already developed, to feed the portal.  Now, the portal serves thousands of documents per day keeping Smyth's customers informed every step along the way:

Automatic Notifications

With a simple click, Smyth's customers can choose the exact documents for which they wish to receive notifications.  The system digests all document activity and provides an daily email like this:


 Example Notification Email

Automatic email notification are a standard feature of CloudStreet Portal. Because the portal user chooses their notification level, your IT department does not to be involved. Users can add, change or drop notifications by themselves right on the portal.

The Result

Smyth services thousands of wholesale and retail customers.  CloudStreet Portal keeps the customers happy.  Smyth is saving money by delivering statements and invoices instantaneously at a fraction of the cost.  Customers love it, Smyth loves it.  It's a perfect solution.

"I'm just amazed every time I use it."

-Chuck Smith, Smyth Automotive.