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Blue Prairie Forms works by using a powerful tag/replace engine to modify the inner content of an Open Office / Libre Office document (odt).  The internal specification for Open Office / Libre Office permits only properly escaped text.  You may not inject special control characters or 8 bit characters into an open office document.  If you do this using the BPI Forms API, you can corrupt the internal structure of the document and it will not properly open or render in Open Office / Libre Office.

Open Office contains a diagnostic function that is run when opening a document.  If you have passed in bad data to the Blue Prairie Forms API, you will see the error appear when opening the document in Open Office / Libre Office.  The error will look something like this:

Read Error is a general error message that is presented by Open Office or Libre Office when it detects invalid content within a document.  The error will generally tell you which part of the document was corrupted and which specific row and column within the document structure has encountered the error.

When this happens, that culprit is almost always a result of you attempting to pass a MultiValue delimiter such as a multivalue mark (xFD) or Subvalue mark (xFC) value into a tag's value.  Blue Prairie Forms'

In later versions of Blue Prairie Forms, a safety mechanism was added to the API to prevent document corruption due to unintentional injection of non-printable characters such as control characters or multivalue delimiters.  A more complete description of this new feature can be read here Right brackets or slashes are appearing in my form